My Mother’s Day bouquet!


I decided for this Mother’s Day that I would attempt one of these “oh so popular” pop up box cards. I happened to catch the talented Nikki from Polkadoodles fame on C and C and she showed how she makes no measure pop up boxes… Will I figured this was my best chance.

So this is what I did and I made this lovely creation for my Mum and brought it out to Spain this week for us to celebrate Mother’s Day a tad late!




Such a simple but impressive creation to make! May well make some more for some other random occasions over the next few months… Only thing I have to remember is not to make the items in the box overlap too much or the box won’t fit in the envelope!

Happy crafting!


WOYWW … From my hols!


Yes I am on holiday … But the joy of staying at my parents house means free wifi so can blog if I want to! And when I discovered in the bedroom where I am sleeping, the first scrapbook album I had made, I couldn’t help but want to blog about it!

I made an album for my mum’s 60th birthday using a mix of photos I found of her when she was young. Now bearing in mind this was almost 9 years ago, and I had no real understanding of what I was doing, hardly any materials or skill … I am so proud of this!

So here goes …





















Some of these pages are so different from what I would create now and almost make me cringe, but others I love their simplicity… Like the second one in grey, white and black … Simple and elegant! Not exactly what I create these days where pages are full of ‘stuff’! Would I change any if I was doing this now? Well I probably would … I would probably do this as a digi album and get it printed as a photo book if I am honest … But looking at the love that went into this simple gift makes it priceless and something I know my mum treasures. The only thing I suppose I want to change is to get some journalling done as when I made the pages I had none as it was created as a surprise present and didn’t know stories to go with the pictures… I suppose this is something I can do over the next few days is to get some journalling to go with the pages and maybe at a future point do a digi remake so I can keep them together?

Right … Using Dad’s free wifi time to go browse some other work desks via Julia’s blog

Happy crafting!


We made our friend cry … Wahey!


And nope I am not a sadistic person… She was crying tears of joy!

I was involved in a circle journal that was a secret for one of my Raggy doll sisters who had a beautiful girl last year and one of our gang suggested a journal for the bouncing babe so of course I immediately said yes!

My page was created back in July last year when I stayed with one of my lovely Raggy doll sisters … Lynn … But I did prep beforehand!


No in process pics … Just one taken by the lovely Darcy who coordinated us all and has done a fab job on her blog post …click here for all of the pages and Darcy’s process… But a quick narrative of what I did!

Well I started by designing some paper in CraftArtist and printing it out, including the flowers. Then I used my gelli plate to completely change the paper pattern lol! But this added the stripes and spirals etc. Next up I chose a quote and decided hands were the perfect symbol of holding… So painted my hands in the bright pink and splodges them down! Fun!

Then I printed the quote out and edged each of the words with Promarkers. I added paint to the flowers to give them more texture and depth and then added buttons and twine to their centres. Once I got to Lynn’s I added some stamped bits and pieces to the background, and then some cute rosebud trim and the punched edge of hearts which covered up the fact that the piece I had created was a tad too small! I added some liquid pearls to add some more texture and then I was happy I was done!

The group created some amazing pages and we know that when Marie received it this morning tears were shed in happiness so as far as I am concerned … Job well done!

Happy crafting!


Thursday Treasures! Colour scheme!


Yes time to dictate some colour…


Now green is not usually one of my ‘go to’ colours for scrapping … But I dug out some old DCWV cardstock and made this page up using a slightly blurred picture of me and Vin. The photographer was the princess so I will accept the quality… It’s all part of the memory!


I kept this reasonably simple in terms of layout and hid the journaling behind the photo on a pull out tag. Added the flowers and the buttons to add interest to an otherwise quite plain page.

Now what will you do with green? Is it a colour you use loads, or rarely?

My blog is having a little bit of a holiday now as the princess and I are off to spend time with my parents leaving the hubby at home to work… See you again on 17th April no doubt!

Happy crafting!


M&M April layout … Moments to treasure


Three blog posts today as we had Tinsel Tuesday earlier on, followed by my whimsy reindeer art and now we have another page using the Moments and Memories sketch of the year too!


This is actually the first scrap page I managed to do at my new desk a couple of weeks ago.


It was also a response to a Layout a day prompt from the app I downloaded of “Go big or go home!” So decided to grab this big picture I had in the stash of pics to be scrapped and use that. And whilst putting it together and choosing a layout I decided to get ahead on my M and M blog post and use the sketch as my starting point.

Now first I have to admit that having all my embellishments etc in easy reach has made this into a rather heavy layout in terms of the amount of stash I used on it… Completely in contrast to my usual style of keeping things linear and clean and simple. And I love that my style has changed a a result of my surroundings having changed!

I used some papers from the stash from a pack of American crafts papers I got at TKMaxx greatly reduced in cost! I also grabbed a doily and lots and lots of random embellishments and ribbon bits and pieces. Some of these were taken off some of the swaps I received at convention too… So a bit of a recycle job going on! I inked everything using Soft Suede to give them an aged look and also used my distressing tool on a few edges too.

Love how this turned out … And how different a page it is from the other M and M pages done so far even though it is using the same starting point! Goes to show a sketch doesn’t hamper the creativity at all!

Happy crafting!


Christy Tomlinson Whimsy Christmas Reindeer!


In a moment of forgetting that I am not meant to be buying more crafting things I saw that Christy Tomlinson of She Art fame was having a sale on her older online workshops and I signed up for the Winter Whimsy course which I had toyed with the idea of doing in the past … So although I didn’t buy new stash … I did sign myself over to starting new projects! When will I learn?

So last Thursday I had the day off work and was meant to be tidying up after the class the night before and instead found myself watching the course videos and creating a reindeer picture! It really was fab fun. And as usual when it is fun, I forget to take pictures as I get carried away in the moment!

By this point I have cut some thick card to 6×6, added torn pieces of scrapbook paper with Mod Podge, and added paint (mainly with my fingers) to start off the background.

Next I added more paint using a couple of stamps and some bubble wrap and then let it dry a bit. Then I took a watercolour crayon and sketched out the shape of the reindeer, and coloured it a little with the watercolour crayon just to get a feel for the reindeer.

I then started adding the acrylic paint to create the reindeer and adding shading with the watercolour crayons and mixing the paints till I was getting the creature there. Next I cut some antlers from the scrapbook paper and from some script paper I cut the tummy part of the reindeer.

I added some snow with paint on the end of the paint brush to start creating a scene, and also lightened the bottom section to create a snowy ground. I also started adding outlines to the shape to add definition. I also had to add some features … Eyes and a nose for the little cutie! What is really funny is at this point I had forgotten his ears! What is also weird about that is Christy also forgot ears on her reindeer in the video early on in her process and I still had forgotten! I knew he looked wrong but it took a while for me to realise why!!!

I stuck to a fairly similar reindeer as Christy’s … After all hers is really cute! But I did have very different dimensions going on as hers was a large canvas and mine a tiny 6×6 piece of artwork. I still decided to add some hanging baubles to the antlers, and a wooly scarf for my reindeer and some rosy cheeks like hers!

I am not convinced that he looks exactly like a reindeer … He looks a little bit like a dog with antlers on … But still I did fall in love with this little guy when I was creating him! I did add a little bit of ink to the edges just to create an edge to the piece and although I am not 100% sure if he is completely finished yet! I have left him like this for now. His end destination will probably be on a card eventually but I think before he goes anywhere I am going to scan him so I have him for posterity regardless!


Now I wonder what the other videos will inspire me to create? I wonder if I could make a series of these and maybe … Just maybe … Get some printed for next years cards? Food for thought for me anyway!

Happy crafting!


Tinsel Tuesday April Sketch


This months Tinsel Tuesday did rather catch me by surprise! With the first Tuesday of the month being on the 1st it came round a little quicker than I had planned for! In addition, I never got round to doing another card for last months sketch. I did try but everytime I looked at the sketch I couldn’t get myself into a Christmas mood. So this week I only have a sketch for you … No card yet to go with it but I really will try and get at least two done in the next week or so… And maybe if I get a chance catch up with the one for March!


Having said all that I couldn’t not post a make today and it is Christmas themed so watch this space as I have another post coming up in a moment!

Happy crafting!