Thursday Treasures! photo prompt!


A late post this week so I thought I would cut straight to the quick this time with a photo prompt!

I spotted this gorgeous cake picture on Pinterest just by chance and figured it was so beautiful I could use it as a Thursday Treasures photo prompt…

I wonder how it will inspire you?

For me it is of course the only tea party that really counts… The mad hatters tea party of course! So I grabbed a picture the princess insisted on being taken of her, the dormouse and the teapot and set to!

I used the fabulous Confetti Celebrations DSP as it’s bright and wacky and create this page without any sketch for a change. I usually have a sketch to hand via Pinterest but occasionally, it’s dictated by the colours I want to use the papers and cardstock I have to hand … This is one such page.


I decided to use the teapot stamp from a random set I’ve had for ages from a magazine and stamped it all across the page in Strawberry slush. I also stamped one more on Whisper White, fussy cut it out, and then I added some glossy accents to this to glaze it. Next I added a bit of additional colour to the teapots with the ink and my watercolour brush.

All the DSP was matted with a layer of cardstock in coordinating colours and then doodled around the edge of the layers with my trusty white gel pen. I also added a bit of bunting made from the Pennant Parade stamps and the pennant punch. There were a couple of banners from the Banner Blast stamp set punched out. I also used the Stripes stamp to put the lines in for the journalling panel.

Sorry it’s a rubbish pic… Will need to upload a better one when I get a moment. But hopefully you can see what I did with the inspiration… And now I want tea and cake myself!

Happy crafting!


Cataloguing my Promarkers! Just the ticket! Woyww!


Hi there … It’s WOYWW! It’s been a little while since I joined in the fun of sharing the work space … But thought I would share today! I was actually not working on the actual desk, but instead back on the table in the family room as I had children playing in the garden at the time, and needed to be downstairs! So I grabbed an easy project …

Hot on the heels of my book of elephants, my distressed butterflies and families of flowers, I next tackled the box of Promarkers! It was spurred on by the purchase of a new set of Limited Edition Promarkers on offer for £10 in Hobbycraft … For 12 Promarkers and a blender pen! Amazing value and of course just HAD to have them!

First thing I do with new pens is test them out on a sheet of whisper white as I never think the colour on the outside does them any justice! And inspired by that little sweep of colour I did I decided to dedicate a couple of hours to the joy that is coloring in!!!

So here is a little round up of activities…


1. Stamped one of the ticket stamps in That’s the Ticket stamp set a gazillion times onto strips of Whisper White.
2. Added a sweep of colour across each one, and wrote in the name and any identifying ink number on the little ticket lines.
3. punched them all out and tried to put them into colour groups. Then spent an age going through the official promarker list of colours and then adding in the Limited Edition ones where they seemed to fit (in my eyes).
4. Lined up all the punched tickets… Don’t they look fab?


5. In an A5 Sketch ring bound sketch book, I added in some pencil lines to keep them straight, and then glued them in in pairs in order.


6. As the greys page only had 6 tickets on it … I decided on a colorful piece of artwork … This is actually the front page of the sketch book so it seemed a suitable opening page. With hindsight probably would have been better at the top of the page … Ah well never mind! Used on of the Darcy Paperartsy stamps and plenty of masking to get many many colorful hearts one on top of the other!

7. As a finishing touch for each page I wanted it to have a border of some kind, so I drew some intertwining swirls to create segments in which I added the colours from the page in a graduated type effect. As I had done border in a slightly different place on each page working towards the edge of the page on the last one, I was able to cut along the border for each page, so you can see the lower pages peeping out… Here you are…





I know there are a zillion other Promarkers colours, but it have decided enough is enough for me. I don’t use them often enough to justify any more, and the box I store them in is now completely and utterly filled to the brim… There isn’t even room for the blender pen in there! But I have to say I really enjoyed making these pages, although maybe the amount of fumes from the pens was making me a little high! Ha! I love colour and I loved the therapeutic nature of doing this… And can you believe it I didn’t make one mistake! Amazing!

Anyways … Next week will take pics back at my usual crafting space… Off to nosey at other peoples desks and projects now!

Happy crafting!


Teacher gifts and cards for end of school year!


Today is the last day at school for the princess for a whole six weeks! This year I decided that I would give handmade presents for the teachers from my princess. I have already shared with you bags I made using the fabulous inktense pencils, then added ribbons and buttons to and hand embroidered some little bits onto them to finish off. Here they are all finished.

So pleased with these and hope the teachers liked them too!

Mrs Boyle has been great with the princess this year, including giving her a necessary kick up the bum mid year which worked really well in pushing her forward. She is also her main teacher so she also got something special for the classroom or at home… A papercut! I bought the template from Paper Panda on etsy and cut it from a cream laid paper and mounted it in an IKEA frame with my first attempt at floating to provide a bit of a gap between the cut and the background sheet. I chose Pistachio Pudding as the backing card colour as I thought it worked well with the image.



Their final present was the much required by the end of the term bottle of wine each! I am sure that this will consumed fairly quickly after the end of term! Ha ha!

For cards I kept with the papercutting theme… But unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the finished projects … Doh! I have to say I was pleased with them though so may well have to repeat at some point!

Anyways … Hoping the teachers have a fabulous restful holiday … Whilst I obviously get completely shattered with the princess at home. Plenty of play dates need arranging and of course my parents will be here to rescue us for a few weeks too. I am hoping as my depression is improving to be back at work next week so fingers crossed she won’t be distracted with me moping round the house!

Happy crafting!


Colour my Monday! Cherry Cobbler!



Happy Monday everyone! Are you ready for some colour? It’s an old favourite for me this week!

This colour was one of the first I bought from SU a couple of years ago and is a favourite when it comes to Christmas! In fact so much so that I have just bought myself a new ink pad in this colour because it had dried up from over use. I could have just bought a reinker, but wanted one of the newer style foam pads … So a new pad it was!


What a fab REGAL colour this is! And I couldn’t resist making a Christmas card with it!


I used some paper from the paper mania set I got last year in the sale and used a new stamp I bought, also paper mania, last week.

Love this combo and the little addition of the gems.

Happy crafting!


Mixed media collage … From my garden


Be warned this is a photo heavy post as I actually remembered to take photos as I went along!

This all started whilst sat in the cafe at our local sainsburys (where the staff think my friends and I spend all our time to the extent that they have threatened to get us uniforms!). As I was on my own this particular day and enjoying a bacon buttie and coffee I was also sketching. I’ve been doing this a lot recently. Sketching for papercut pictures or just randomly sketching. I use photos as my base idea and in this case I used a photo I took of some flowers in my garden a few weeks ago.



Whilst I was sketching it an idea formed in my head that this would make a nice collage piece. Now given I have never done any collage before I was a little ambitious in my design maybe and also the size of canvas I went for… But hey it’s all in the name of art and learning!

So I got home, and as it was nice and sunny decided to set up on a table in the shade outside in the garden. I drew a rough sketch of the sketch straight onto a large canvas and grabbed my supplies.


I always use cheap brushes and an old children’s plate as my palette … Keeps me real! I started with the flowers and added block colour to them in a nice vibrant pink.


Next I added the colour to the leaves. I did try for differing green colours to differentiate them a little more.


Then I turned to black for the background as I thought it needed something dramatic.


I also added some more colour to the flowers to add depth to give me an idea of where to go with the paper.


Now that all went out the window of course when I grabbed my scrap paper. I had very little choice in the green and pink department and of course that was what I needed! So as opposed to using the papers to cut small pieces and try and show the light and dark and detail of the flowers, I went for block cutting to provide some texture and pattern.


At this point I hated it! What on earth would I do with this? So I decided paint was the answer.

I went over the painting and added the paint back in, I kept the coverage light to show some of the patterned paper through, but harmonized it bit so it wasn’t so patchworky!


Next I grabbed a finer brush and the black paint and redefined the edges of the flowers and leaves and added some detail lines. At this point it was time to call it a day so I hung it temporarily on the garden fence!


I did ask my dear raggy doll sisters for advice … The suggestion was to soften it and maybe try more blending. So this was the next step on the next day!

Unfortunately at this point heavy handiness came into play and the whole canvas got a wash of white acrylic which I did try and wipe off. The resulting mess meant I ended up repainting quite a lot back onto the flowers and leaves and blended a lot more. I then repainted the black parts on the edges … Bleurgh! This was my general feeling!


I really wasn’t sure what to do next so I just walked away from it. I think stencils and stuff may have to come into play to rescue the thing from me hating it! Want to start something different … As in a whole coat of gesso and then start again … but at the same time determined to make something I like out of this!

Wonder what will happen next with this art from my garden?

Now I realise I am not sharing with you a finished project or anything I am even vaguely happy with … This is to show that I am very much a beginner in the world of art, and also to help people appreciate the talent of those who can pull off this style of work. I will come back to this at some point … But for now it will sit in the craft room and be glowered at every so often.

Happy crafting!


And now for some sewing!


Yes the sewing machine is out again. Some repairs have been done (a dress of Maya’s and a top of mine). This is massive progress! Also decided to make a little pouch to keep a few bits and pieces of crafty things in my handbag, as the plastic bag I had was starting to look a little on the naf side!

So I grabbed some fabric I had in my box… This was SU fat quarters that I bought as I love the other designs in the pack… Not as bothered about this one, so good for making a little pouch from. Didn’t really think it through so the making of the pouch is a little haphazard, but it is good enough for its purpose and for me.


Now doesn’t that look dull??? Practical, reasonably pretty design fabric but a bit dull being black and white. Also needed to add some colour to make the button make sense… So out came my latest love… Inktense pencils! I randomly coloured in some heads in all different colours, added water to activate them, and now they are dry they are permanent. I LOVE the transformation!


So a little practical make, made fun and uniquely mine with the added bit of colour from the inky fingered cat!

Happy crafting!


Christmas heat wave!


For reasons I don’t really understand I made a Christmas card on one of the hottest days of the year so far yesterday … Yes I am officially nuts!

To be honest it was more related to using my Inktense blocks for stamping than to make a card, but make a card I did!


I wet the stamp and then ran the fuschia inktense block over the stamp and the stamped it. I held it in place for a little while to make sure the ink transferred and was reasonably happy with the result. I then used a paintbrush to paint the blended border.

Next a simple mount onto silver paper and DSP, and then a sentiment from Happy Hour used to finish off. Lovely! And simple!

Happy crafting!