Quick gelatos play

I bought myself a little pack of metallic gelatos whilst mooching in a craft shop with the princess and my mum the other day and so when I got home I rustled up this little card for my parents to take to my auntie and uncles wedding anniversary celebration.


The colours don’t quite look true on this picture and if I am honest not too happy with the stamping I did (Affection Collection and Bliss stamps) but for first play with new stuff and whilst in a rush and also trying to origami with the princess… It is still a pretty card. Mounted on to Kraft card blank with lots of lovely trims.

Happy crafting!


Aquatinting the trees for Treesday!


 My favourite, and probably most used Tree set today for two cards (made from one piece of artwork) … Yes it is time for Lovely as a Tree to get used!

Another Aquatint background, some simple stamping and a bit of inking for the edges. Perfect and simple!




Simple, yet effective. Love it!

Happy crafting!


Colour my Monday! Peeled paint!


Another week where I remembered to do a Colour my Monday post!  This week the colour mainly in use was Peeled Paint. Normally this is a bit of a darker colour when I blend or stamp it, but with the Clarity Brushes I got a softer colour from it. 


I started with a little bit of shabby shutters for the first application of tink through the stencil and then added the Peeled Paint, building more colour towards the bottom of the image.  You may note that i was only using part of the stencil too as wanted some white space towards the left of the panel.  I love the effect of using stencils with the clarity brushes…. So simple, but effective! 

Then I used the Happy Thing bird stamp from this years saleabration.  I added colour using ink and water brush for a soft effect, and then fussy cut out.  Then the sentiment from Butterfly Basics

I mounted it on to some scrap cardstock, added the hand drawn wiggly border and dusted it all with the same green stencil brush to add a little bit of colour at the edge.  This was then mounted onto the card blank. 

Love the simplicity of this, and loving these stencils and brushes so much. 

Happy crafting!


Revisiting a work in progress… Inspired by Darcy

Some months ago… Ok who am I kidding… It was July last year … 8 months ago… I did a project which I hated the point I got to… It started off inspired by this photo…



I then took some steps to get to the end product that has been living with its back turned in my craft room ever since…



Then I saw Darcy’s blog post for the grunge paste challenge at Paperartsy and thought maybe this was the way to move forward artwork. 

I started adding texture paste to the petals in a random order, and then adding a texture – bubble wrap, stamps and lines drawn through with the edge of a credit card are good for this.  I had to let it dry in between each little session  –  perfect as I was actually meant to be cleaning, so it gave me a pleasant break but meant I could easily walk away and get back to the chores  –  so this took a whole day to get to the end of the adding grunge paste. 

Once I had filled the petals, I then moved to the leaves, opting for a smoother texture with a vein drawn down the leaves. 


The final step was to cut a sort of  stencil for the stamen parts.  I didn’t do it perfectly aligned with the painting underneath … But it sort of worked.  This gave a smooth and higher texture for these parts.   Now I left it to dry overnight. 

Love all that scrummy texture you can see in the bottom pic… I would have loved to do a more abstract piece like Darcy’s inspiration piece… But this was all about rescuing the original piece of art… And if it didn’t work… Well never mind, it had been fun so far playing with the texture paste in different ways. 

Next time I sat to do anything it was time to add colour back to the petals. I went for a softer palette than original and the actual flowers in the photo.
Then some more pinks added to blend it a bit more… and green to the leaves.
Next I thought I would try a bit of stamping… not much but just a bit in odd places to see if I could add another layer of interest.

Then used inktense blocks to add some more shading and depth. Not brilliant at this aspect of painting I must admit but it did help in places to create a less flat picture.

And then out into the garden, back where it started to see if I am happy yet. image

Well I think I am happy. Happier than I was at the very least and it gave me some ideas for future plays with texture paste. Thanks for the inspiration Darcy even though mine went completely different.
Happy crafting!

P.S. yes I know the picture is upside down but the first stamp I used in the texture paste is a number one and I stamped it upside down in error and can’t quite cope with turning it round so numbers are the wrong way up!

#3UP with Paperartsy! Altering the whale!

As regular readers of my blog will know, a friend of mine designs stamps for Paperartsy.  Darcy is a talented artist and I love what she and the other Paperartsy designers come up with… They are all so talented. Over on the Paperartsy blog there is a fortnightly topic challenge to join in with, which I sometimes do.  Termly there is a draw to join them for the #3UP challenge and actually get to be on their blog as a guest designer.  And guess what… I only went and got drawn out of the hat to join them!!!!! … What’s more I got to be in the Darcy team.  Having been organised by Darcy before, I knew to keep her calm and happy, I needed to work fast.  So I started that very night (partly due to insomnia caused by having a rotten cold, partly excitement!).  The rules were to use the topics of the previous couple of months as a starting point… I chose texture paste and shiny things… Oh and the colour scheme was red, black, grey and white.

Warning: picture heavy post … You may want to sip coffee and relax to read this one! :) Enjoy! 

I decided to take one of the items I had in the pile of things to alter and use that for the project.  I thought maybe a little plaque would be a nice thing to create.  I also thought it would make a nice gift for some friends who were getting married.


The little wooden sign I had bought in the sale at a discount store for the grand total of £2 knowing it was perfect for altering! I started with a base of gesso, then stamped some tissue paper with a text dictionary stamp, and then glued it to the plaque, making sure there was some texture (smudges, tears, ripples all add to the final effect).


Next bit of texture was to punch some circles of different sizes from some scrap paper.  I glued these down, then used the waste of the punched paper as a stencil for the circles I added roughly using Gelatos.  Next I added some pen doodle circles, and some red paint dots and circles.  Finally I used my finger to rub some red paint around the edges.   

The next step was to use the texture paste to add some depth to the texture.  I love using texture paste… It is so satisfying scraping through a stencil.  I used a clarity stencil for this as I wanted to keep to the circles idea.


As you can see from the photos I was a little impatient in getting to this and didn’t let the previous layers dry properly, so the red has smeared into the texture paste.  It won’t matter though… Just wait and see, but in the meantime, admire that gorgeous texture you can see in the bottom two pics.  

Unfortunately playtime came to an end for a couple of days then as the cold turned to sinusitis and extreme pain meant I had no way of sitting at the desk for playing, so the lovely plaque had plenty of drying time! 

A couple of days later I ventured into the room to see if I could sit up and do anything and managed a few more steps… 


First a light covering of white acrylic to knock back the layer a little ready for the next layer.  Then I stamped the lovely flowing heart leaf Darcy designed for Paperartsy. I then used some Inktense pencils to colour the hearts and add some strength to the stems.  I love that Inktense is permanent when water has been added so it stays where it is put when you add other media on top of it.  

I also added the chipboard letters and a layer of white paint over the top.  Next I added black, a bit extreme at first glance, but i wanted some more depth and to grunge up the little plaque.  The black helps show up some more of the texture too!  Next step… A bit of shiny! 


Shiny = treasure gold!  In this case ruby treasure gold.  First added through the fun Lin Brown Paperartsy stencil, then added to a couple of the texture circles, and then round the edges.  Of course the letters got a coat of the polish too! Gorgeous! So this is the plaque done, I next needed to sort the hanging part.  The original rope wouldn’t go with the new plaque, so it’s time to get creative with wire!  This however was far more than I could achieve in one day… And it was back to bed for poorly me! 

Fast forward to the next day and in front of the TV I managed to wrestle with some wire.  The rusted wire was leftover from making the art doll and needed softening so added fibers, ribbons and trim.  Was going to add some dangling bits too, but when I got to this stage I decided it was done and pretty much anything else would take it over the edge. Of course I couldn’t resist one more bit of shiny… Some stickles and enamel accents.



But suddenly there was no shine… Partly due to bad photography, but also lack of sunlight.  At this point I shared it with Darcy to check I was meeting the brief and it was good enough.  I also mentioned struggling with the shine.  Her suggestion was to try and add some gloss over the letters to make them stand out, which would also help with the shine factor.  So I tried Glossy accents on the letters… And boom… Shine! 


So now all that remained was to take some good pictures… In daylight!  Plus as this was destined to be a gift for a friends wedding present, I needed to make a card to go with it!   So yes, you get another project in this post!

I started with a piece of 6×6 cardstock and stamped Dictionary over it in a patchy manner. Then overlaid the lovely Lin Brown stencil and used cut and foam to add some white acrylic, which did not do very much, so immediately went over it with some black.  Adding the paint using cut and dry foam means you get quite a lot of control to not add too much paint.  It sort of gives a spray paint finish too.  In the later photos of the finished card you can see a sort of halo for the black circles in places which is because I obviously added more white than black in some cases.  This turned out as a nice surprise! 


Next it was time to add the texture paste.  I used a punch to create my own stencil to add these so it was easier to place the circles where I wanted it.

When it was dry I then used the Clarity Jo Bubbles stencil to add the Fired Brick distress ink circles round the edge.  Then went back to my own stencil and added some circles of Ruby Treasure gold.  Some of these I went straight over the raised texture paste circles, and others straight on the flat card or overlapping the texture circles. 

Here endeth playtime number one on the card.  Playtime number two was a rather rapid process which has resulted in no progress pics… So I jump straight to the finished project!  


I have two pictures because under the light you can see the shine and in daylight you can see the true colours.  Each photo has its merit.. Which brings me back to taking pics of the main project… Very tricky!  I took about twenty photos and each had its problems… But think these are the best.  Pop over to the Paperartsy blog to see which ones got chosen! 


Thanks for popping along to my blog to see what I made. And thanks to Paperartsy for the opportunity to play along with #3UP!  

Happy crafting!


Keeping it simple… Beautiful flower

This card I am sharing today was so so simple to create, but I think a truly beautiful finish… One word…  Clarity! 

I love the simplicity of using ink and the clarity stencil brushes with one clever stencil to create this card.   


I used three distress inks (Wild Honey, Worn Lipstick, Fired Brick) to create this gorgeous tonal finish.  I know I could get better at adding depth in the right places, but for first use of the stencil I am bowled over with the results.  Added the mount of white and black, the sentiment and four gems to ‘anchor’ the artwork.  Jobs a good ‘un!  Card made in under ten minutes… And a great card at that!

Thanks Barbara and the team at Clarity for making my life easy! 

Happy crafting! 


Quick card, altered!

A little while ago I made a card at Helen‘s class which I didn’t feel the love for, just felt it needed something… Well a couple of days ago I found a use for said card, and a way of finishing it off! 

A stenciled girl! 


Background created using the Painted Petals stamps, and image stenciled using a Clarity stencil.  

Perfect finish I think. 

Happy crafting!


Art journalling with Fairefoxes

Finally managing a bit of art journalling just for me after a crazy few weeks.  This was in line with Rae’s prompt of use emotion.


It was an explosion of paint and pattern onto the background with just the simple addition of the sentiment and a Clare Lloyd Paperartsy stamp. Perfect for me to express the emotion.

Happy crafting.


Colour my Monday!  Wild Honey distress ink

It’s been a while since I did a Colour My Monday post, mainly because I have not even thought about it, and this was not done with that in mind but fulfils the brief so thought it could be shared today! 

One of the things I did for the art journalling session last week, was to create some ATCs using the same technique of watercolour effect background using an e bossing folder as a stamp.  I created some paper doing exactly that using a combination of Old Paper and Wild Honey distress inks.. I added this to an Atc sized card onto which I added lots of Wold Honey ink using the cut and dry foam and a little Fired Briick ink too to make it slightly more orange.

Then stamped the little cameo silhouette from the Forever Young set, stamped the words and then did some outlining to finish off.

Happy crafting! 


Happy Easter!

I am not really one for making Easter cards but the princess requested one as she had made me and the hubby one so last thing last night I rustled up this quick card…


Bit messy on the alpha stamping, but otherwise pleased.  Kraft card from a magazine kit I think, stamped image  again from a magazine kit, stamped in white craft ink, coloured in lightly using spectrum noir pencils.  Done and dusted in less than ten minutes.

Happy Easter everyone.  Hope you have had a lovely day. 

Happy crafting! 


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